Dr. Shahriar Nataq

Urologist and kidney surgeon

دکتر شهریار ناطق

Dr. Shahriar Natiq is a specialist in urology, kidney, urinary and genital tract surgeon. Dr. Natiq succeeded in obtaining the specialized board of urology in 2019 from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He is also a member of the European Urological Association, a member of the Iranian Urological Association and the director of the Urology Department of Atiyeh Hospital.
Dr. Shahriar Natiq treats and disposes of kidney stones by using an extra-organ stone crushing device, endoscopic surgery, and laser kidney stone surgery.
He also works in the field of prostate surgery (endoscopic prostate surgery (TURP), open prostate surgery, prostate laser surgery), treatment of local prostate cancer by HIFU waves, treatment of male infertility (varicocele) and treatment of genital warts.

General Ph.D

medical University Tehran
1382 - 1375

Assistant in urology

medical University Tehran
1391 - 1387

Obtaining a specialized board in urology


Special skills

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Dilatation of testicular veins and return of venous blood to the testicle is called varicocele. It is the most common cause of infertility.


Prostate is a gland that is located under the bladder and in front of the end of the digestive system.

Genital Warts

Sexually transmitted diseases are usually transmitted from person to person through contact.


Testicles are reproductive organs located in the scrotum. Swelling, pain, smallness, varicose veins, and tumor are among testicular diseases.


Bladder is like a bag for collecting urine resulting from kidney activity. Stone formation, bladder cancer are among the diseases of this organ.

kidney stone

Kidney stones are made from the crystallization of minerals. The presence of these stones in the urinary tract can cause relatively severe pain.


With age, the size of the penis decreases. Like other organs, the penis suffers from diseases such as spots on the penis, penile curvature...


Many couples are looking to have children after a few years of marriage, but many factors can prevent them from doing so.