12 Ways to Enlarge the Penis + Quick Size Increase

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Most methods mentioned for increasing the penis size have irreversible side effects such as flaccidity. So, it is better to consult a urologist about your problem and the methods you have considered for enlarging your penis. This is before trying any of them.

Research shows men think and worry much more about their penis size than their partners. While 85% of women are satisfied with their partner’s penis size, only 15% wish it was larger. However, some individuals are dissatisfied with their penis size, which has become problematic. In this article, we outline ways to enlarge the penis.

It should be noted that most cyberspace methods have irreversible side effects. The best way is to consult an experienced urologist in this field.


The process of penis enlargement during puberty

A large part of penis growth occurs during puberty but continues until 20s. Puberty starts between ages 9-14 and lasts up to 5 years. How long penis growth continues depends on when puberty starts.

Generally, the chance of an increase in penis length or diameter decreases when reaching 18 or 19 years old. The penis growth rate during puberty varies between individuals. 

According to studies, 11-15-year-old boys grow their penis less than half an inch (12 mm) annually. Growth continues until 19 but at a slower rate. Semen production, erections, and ejaculation also began during this period.

اندازه نرمال آلت تناسلی

What is the average penis size?

Penis size is determined by exposure to sex hormones and varies greatly between individuals. However, it can be said:

Is my penis small?

Many men are dissatisfied with their penis size and think it is small. However, research shows that most who think their penis are small do not need treatment, and their size is normal.

Consulting an experienced urologist and resolving concerns about penis size has good results. Sometimes, an individual may need a psychologist to work on his self-confidence. Before enlarging your penis, it is better to follow the steps below for a while to determine the main cause of this feeling:

12 ways to enlarge the male penis

Different methods for penis enlargement can be divided into two invasive and non-invasive categories:

1-Increasing penis length with traditional medicine

In most cases, these methods have no positive effect and are only advertising. Herbal products easily make huge profits with extensive false advertising and do great harm to people’s bodies and spirits, as they do not require FDA approval.

2-Non-surgical penis girth enlargement (gel, fat, and filler injections)

Those seeking penis enlargement should see a specialist to ensure they need it. Most treatments that claim to enlarge penis size are expensive yet ineffective and sometimes have serious side effects.

3-Penis enlargement weights

Such treatments should not be done without medical supervision, as they can cause irreparable damage. This technique involves placing weights or small extensible frames (penis stretchers) on the flaccid penis. Some have noticed a 1-2 cm change in penis length after six months of using these devices.


وزنه های بزرگ کننده آلت

4-Using jelqing exercise

Jelqing is an exercise where the flaccid penis is repeatedly pulled using the thumb and index finger to increase erect size. The premise is that stretching exercises increase blood capacity in penile tissues, which leads to increased length and girth. Like creams and lotions, jelqing may make some men more comfortable with their penis size and the difference between flaccid and erect size. This contributes to greater confidence and comfort. However, there is no scientific evidence that jelqing can enlarge the penis.

افزایش سایز الت

5-Penis enlargement injections (hormonal drugs)

Maximum penis growth occurs between 2-5 and 15-17. After age 20, penis enlargement by medication or hormones is impossible. Micropenis diagnosis before age 20 usually needs hormonal treatment. Penis enlargement injections must be done under urologist supervision per diagnosis.

Iranian men’s penis size from pubic bone stretched to tip averages 13 cm. Below this, it is considered small. Hormonal treatment involves hormones like testosterone, nandrolone, and HCG injections.

6-Penis enlargement creams, lotions, and pills

These products usually contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, or hormones. Despite their claims, no clinical evidence shows these products are effective. Some can even be harmful.

Using penis enlargement creams/lotions may help some men become more familiar with their penis, reducing unnecessary shame. However, they have no other effect and do not enlarge the penis.

7-Vacuum devices

Penis pumps use a tube over the penis to pump out air and create suction. This draws blood into the penis to swell and appear larger.

Pumps can treat erectile dysfunction short term. However, overuse can damage penile tissues, leading to weaker erections. There is minimal evidence about their effect on penis size.

بزرگ کردن الت تناسلی با دستگاه وکیوم

8-Penis enlargement surgery

Men’s penis enlargement surgery involves two methods:

  • Increasing penis girth

This is done by injecting fat from other body parts into the penis. Some studies show that this method increases girth by 1.5-4 cm. However, long-term studies show disappointing results with possible complications like deformity, scar tissue, lumping, and infection.

  • Lengthening penis surgery

The most common technique is cutting the ligament connecting the penis to the pubic bone, then grafting skin at the base to increase length. This surgery increases the length by 2-4 cm.


The term abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) may raise the question of its relation to penis enlargement. As mentioned before, excess belly fat settles around the genital area making the penis appear smaller.

Dear Dr. Shahriar Nategh, removing excess belly fat and injecting it into the penis increases size and girth. This is one of the safest penis enlargement methods for overweight individuals who want to eliminate excess abdominal skin after surgery.


10-Correcting webbed penis

Webbed penis is a congenital condition affecting about 4% of men, where a fold of skin connects the scrotum to the penis. 

آلت پرده دار

In moderate to severe cases, it causes penis shortening or curvature (chordee), which can be corrected surgically to lengthen the penis and improve its appearance.

جراحی الت پرده دار

11-enlargement with liposuction

Liposuction removes excess fat surgically. Removing lower abdominal fat gives a larger penis. Removing excess fat around the genital area allows a buried penis to protrude more.

Liposuction results are usually satisfactory for patients. It can increase length up to 2 cm short term, but weight gain can bury the penis again. While liposuction boosts confidence, maintaining long-term results requires lifestyle changes like diet and exercise.

12-A new method for penis enlargement with minimal side effects

To get the best results, Dr. Shahriar Nategh, a urologist, uses a combination of ligament cutting, prosthesis insertion, fat transfer from the lower abdomen to increase girth, and correcting the webbed penis. The surgical method is determined during the pre-op exam based on the individual’s anatomy. So far, this has had the lowest complication rate.

This article discusses the reasons for penis shrinkage in men and how to treat short penises.

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